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What should I bring to the consultation?

Being prepared and bringing the right stuff on the daywill make the appointment more productive. Your personal safety and comfort is important.

On the day, please bring...

any information about previous back or neck injuries or operations (such as medical reports or xray and scan reports); old xray or scan films that are related to the current problem; details about other health problems you have; a list of regular medications and pain killers you are taking. All consultations involve an interview (history) and then a relevant physical examination (see below).  Any tests, xrays or scans will then be interpreted and discussed with the you along with the options for treatment. For lower back problems, your back and legs will need to be examined.  While you will not need to fully undress, please bring a pair of shorts or wear substantial underwear. For neck or upper back problems, your neck, upper back, and shoulders will need to be examined so ensure you are wearing a singlet or substantial underwear.


Your personal comfort and safety is important to us.  You are welcome to have a chaperone or support person present for the consultation and examination. If you have a tailbone problem or if your back problem or the pain relief medication you are taking is affecting control of your bladder or bowel, a rectal examination (examination of the back passage) may be necessary and a chaperone is essential for this. If a chaperone is not available or it is inappropriate to do part of the consultation without one, we will be able to book a further appointment so you can bring a chaperone on that occasion.
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